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State air board OKs Southern California smog plan at Riverside meeting

Southern California's 15-year smog clean-up plan moved forward on Thursday, March 23, but doubts remain about whether it will succeed in cleaning the air. The California Air Resources Board voted unanimously to approve the plan during its meeting in Riverside on Thursday, March 23, but only after adding provisions to make it stronger. State air board members said the plan prepared by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, wasn't ideal but will move Southern California in the right direction. It still needs approval from the U.S....
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Only a few drips of cash expected from cap-and-trade auction

California's cap-and-trade program limped through another weak auction of pollution permits last month, according to results provided by state regulators Wednesday. Demand for the permits, which are required to release greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, has fluctuated over the last year amid questions about the program's long-term viability. A state appeals court is expected to rule soon on whether cap and trade represents an unconstitutional tax, and lawmakers are debating whether they should ensure the program continues past 2020. Read more

Supply Chain News: Lean is Simple – So Why Is It So Hard?

The following column comes through special arrangement with the Lean Enterprise Institute. It was authored by Lean consultant Art Byrne, an operating partner with J.W. Childs Associates, a private equity firm..

Recently a colleague asked me why Lean, which appears to be so simple, ends up being so hard for people to do. In my decades of leading Lean, in fact, this has proven to be perhaps the most important challenge. Read more

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