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California Legislature must explain itself on key bills — not kill without explanation

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, finally won passage this month of a bill offering whistle-blower protection to state legislative staffers who report sexual and ethical misconduct — after the measure was shelved in the Senate Appropriations Committee for four years in a row without explanation. Even after her triumph, Melendez is right to worry whether legislative leaders will continue to quietly kill good-government bills. That’s why last week she proposed a state constitutional amendment that would require a vote on every...
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Study: Consumers not loyal to one store

University study shows most households shop an average of six different grocery stores When it comes to groceries, consumers like to shop around. In the first test of detailed consumer-buying habits by categories at more than one chain store selling groceries, a team of business school researchers led by Washington University in St. Louis found that the vast majority of shoppers were not “monogamist” or “bigamist” when it came to selecting stores to shop, but rather “polygamist” – shopping at a vast number of stores, often in...
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