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First Bags, Then Straws, Now State Legislators Want a Statewide Plastic Ban

A bill currently making its way through the legislature aims at reducing the amount of single-use waste generate in the state by requiring packaging and products to be truly recyclable or compostable.

“The future of California’s quality of life is at stake,” said Senator Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, one of the authors of the bill. “Rather than continue to tinker around the edges with one-off bans of individual plastic items, we need a thoughtful, comprehensive solution...

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Using Letters to the Daily Journals for Determining Legislative Intent; Compilation of California Assembly and Senate Letters from Bill Authors

One method to help ascertain the legislative intent behind a specified measure in California is a letter that is published in the Assembly Daily Journal or the Senate Daily Journal by the bill’s author. These letters, for which there are many each year, may be used by the bill’s author to explain an ambiguity in the bill or explain the purpose of particular changes in the law as done by the bill, for example. Read more...
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