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Time for a Real Debate on the Cost of Climate Programs

Finally, it’s here. A spirited, inclusive, and extremely critical debate over the true costs of California’s climate programs to our economy, small businesses, and working families. On the heels of an abysmal voter turnout in this month’s election, the emergence of a growing chorus of diverse voices on a vital public policy issue should be welcomed news. It turns out, however, that certain state officials and other vested interests are not interested in debating the costs imposed on small business by California’s broad environmental policies. Read more

Climate: Does National Shift to Right Isolate or Empower California?

When much of the country tilted to the right politically on Election Day, it created waves felt even in the bluest state on the left coast. Democrats still control the California governor's mansion and both chambers of the Legislature, one of the few places where that triumvirate remains. And the Golden State is home to some of the country's most ambitious clean energy rules that liberals back, including the only economywide cap-and-trade program limiting carbon emissions. Read more...
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Midterm elections carry high stakes for US economy

WASHINGTON (AP) — The midterm slugfest for control of the U.S. Senate could have far-reaching effects on the economy. Tuesday's elections come just as U.S. growth has been showing consistent improvement, thanks in part to a congressional truce on budget fights. Previous such fights shut down the government and raised the specter of a default on the federal debt. A repeat of either could damage the economic recovery. Read more...
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