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Welcome to the new NAA web site

Dear Membership and Visitors

On behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to our new web site. We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit with us. Have a look around. We’ll be updating the site often to make sure that, as the National Aerosol Association, we are providing content that is timely as well as beneficial.

There are many significant issues that impact the aerosol industry. It is the role of the NAA to be an advocate regarding legislation, regulatory, education, and all market impact arenas. We respond to our membership needs in a clear, concise, and complete fashion. We appreciate the support that our membership provides.

Thanks for spending time with us today, and your interest in the aerosol industry. If you have any questions, please contact us at:


George Buckland Ryun Bibro
President – NAA Chairman – Site Development Committee

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I would like to personally thank those of you in attendance, which once again, made our SATA Spring Meeting and Aerosol 101 Education Course huge successes. Held every second year, the Aerosol 101 course provides an excellent opportunity for individuals in all areas of the aerosol industry a crash course in understand the package form we all love so much. A special thank you again, to Pierce Pillon for the excellent job and efforts of coordinating all of the speakers and logistics of the course. I and the SATA board received rave reviews after this year’s Events. In addition to thanking Pierce, I would like to extend my personal thanks to all the presenters for volunteering their time for this educational endeavor.

Irene Bolling, Larry Beaver and Ron Klimas, along with their Technical and Regulatory Committees were instrumental in coordinating the technical content of the Spring Meeting. I cannot stress enough how much effort goes into selecting timely topics and then recruiting experts in those fields to speak without the benefit of compensation. Lastly, I would like to thank all of my fellow board members (many unnamed in the message, but equally as important) who worked tirelessly to bring these meetings together.

As an industry we still face many challenges, including the LVP-VOC regulatory concerns, and I urge you to become and remain involved. SATA as an organization continues to excel because of the input and contributions from our membership. As always, I ask that you to let us know if you have a suggestion for a topic or speaker or if would like to get involved in one of the many committees available.

I hope all of you are looking forward to attending our SATA Fall Meeting being held in Destin, Florida, September 26 – 29. If you haven’t already, please mark these dates on your calendar. Enclosed is registration information for both the hotel and conference.

See you in Destin this September.

Eric Dann, SATA President

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On April 11th, the Eastern Aerosol Association held their annual spring meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Mahwah, NJ. This year’s meeting focused on raw material feedstocks for the aerosol industry, covering everything from steel and aluminum, to resins, alcohol, and propellants. Each of the presenters, experts in their respective fields, provided insight on global demands, alternative use demands, weather, general availability, and the status of existing and future manufacturing plants. In addition, two separate industry experts gave presentations on what to expect with the FDA and OSHA, and how to best work with the two agencies. Adam Selisker also spoke on behalf of the Alliance for Responsible Regulation about the LVP battle and the great things this newly formed organization is doing. By all accounts, the meeting was a big hit.

EAA’s Fall meeting will be held on October 10th at the Crowne Plaza in Clark, NJ. Stay tuned for the program agenda. And don’t forget about the Annual Golf Outing to be held on August 6th at the Crystal Springs Golf club in Hamburg, NJ.”

Chris Nyarady

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