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Lawmaker Defends California Climate Change Bill

Debate over an ambitious climate change bill continues to sizzle in the California Legislature as its final vote nears. Senate leader Kevin de León responded Wednesday to what he said are fears about his measure stoked by the oil industry. His bill, SB 350, would require a cleaner blend of fuels, but won’t ban gasoline or force limits on driving, the senator said. Read More...
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Dr. Lyle Goodhue — local scientist and contributor to present-day pumpkin pie eating pleasure … – See more at:

By Rita Thurman BarnesE-E Online Columnist I’m not a Phillips historian nor am I overly knowledgeable regarding what it takes to be savvy enough to create something as complicated or as significant as an aerosol spray can, but I do know what I like to eat. And when, as with me, Americans sit down to dine on Thanksgiving pumpkin pie this year, many of them will enjoy their pie “straight” — with no topping of any kind. A lesser number will add a scoop of vanilla...
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