Monthly Archives: March 2016

Spray On Your Manicure With This Nail Polish Aerosol Can

If you’re looking for a manicure that’s fast and cheap, why not just spray it on? Taking inspiration from spray paint, the UK-based company Nails inc. has created a spray-on nail polish called the Paint Can. Mashable explains that the manicure-in-a-can was launched in London last November and will be coming to North America in a few weeks. Read more...
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Prominent Chemist: We Are Facing a ‘Crisis of Innovation’

It’s no secret that the world of chemicals manufacturing has an image problem. As the Toxic Substance Control Act reform plays out in the public, phrases like “80,000 un-tested chemicals are on the marketplace,” are touted almost daily. Why are so many potentially hazardous chemicals manufactured? Regulations are often named as the culprit. But if you ask prominent chemist John Warner, the issue of safe chemicals has deeper roots than what the EPA can track. During an eye-opening keynote address at InformEx, held this year...
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Southern California air board moves to weaken pollution regulation

Southern California's air quality board moved forcefully to weaken pollution regulation Friday, firing the agency's longtime leader and reaffirming new smog rules backed by oil refineries and other major polluters. The South Coast Air Quality Management District board dismissed Barry Wallerstein in a 7-6 vote during a closed-door session, a month after Republicans took control of the panel vowing a friendlier approach to industry. Read More...
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