Monthly Archives: September 2016

NAA Announces 2016 2017 Board of Directors

During the Annual Conference in Monterey, California on September 13, 2016 the National Aerosol Association (NAA) held its annual election for the 2016-17 NAA Board of Directors.    The NAA Members present in Monterey at the NAA Annual Meeting 2016 by voice vote ratified the below nominees for the NAA Board of Directors. There were no volunteers from the floor. Nominees: Bart Bastian, Spray Products John Blum, Ball Aerosol Ryun Bibro, IKI Manufacturing Adam Selisker, CRC Industries Doug Raymond, Raymond Regulatory-Resources Sean Fitzgerald, Cobra Plastics The Board of Directors then elected Officers for the...
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Climate change law has reshaped California in 10 years

Just past noon on a broiling Central Valley day, the strain on California’s electrical grid is rising with the temperature. Inside the control room that runs the grid, on the outskirts of Folsom, a yellow line on a glowing wall of data squiggles steadily higher, then hits a stable plateau. It marks the amount of renewable electricity surging onto the system as the fierce sun fires up solar power plants scattered across the state. More than 27 percent of California’s demand for electricity at this moment is...
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Gov. Brown signs sweeping legislation to combat climate change

Gov. Brown signs sweeping legislation to combat climate change - LA Times