Monthly Archives: January 2017

California to Pinch Pennies, Resist Climate Change Cutbacks, Says Brown

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday reiterated the state's support for aggressive climate change, including a multi-billion-dollar cap-and-trade program, while preaching the need for prudence and "rainy day" funds in the face of uncertainties about the budget and incoming Trump administration. Even without the uncertainty surrounding how President-elect Trump’s administration may impact environmental and energy policies, California's tax system, the most progressive in the nation, makes it difficult to predict from year-to-year revenue streams, Brown said. Read more...
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Republican lawmaker says California Legislature broke law by hiring Eric Holder

California Republicans were not impressed when legislative leaders announced last week that they had hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to assist with challenges against Trump administration policies, denouncing the move as a waste of money and a political stunt. Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has another take: The contract, which will initially pay Holder’s law firm $25,000 per month for three months to advise the Legislature, is illegal. Read more here:...
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