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Moreton Bay Regional Council says aerosol containers can be recycled if they are competely empty

Last week, in a story about the disgusting and dangerous items put in recycling bins, the Pine Rivers Press was told aerosol cans were not recycleable, because they present an explosion hazard in the recycling process. However, this week a Moreton Bay Regional Council spokesman said aerosol cans could be recycled, but only if they were completely empty before they were put into recycle bins. “Moreton Bay Regional Council advises residents to exhaust the contents of aerosol cans before disposing of them in a yellow top bin,”...
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Democratic dominance at issue in California legislative races

SACRAMENTO -- Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen has been on the campaign trail telling voters how Democratic dominance would be bad for democracy.

But her Democratic competitor, former Assemblyman Jose Solorio, says sending a majority party member back to the Capitol will mean better results for the district's residents in Long Beach and Orange County. As California Democrats try to maintain their supermajority status in the state Legislature in November's election, Republicans are targeting the competitive Senate District 34 to prevent what Nguyen, a Republican, calls...
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