Mary Metzner

Mary Metzner, Executive Director,  is instrumental in strategic planning and coordination of all aspects of NAA Operations, our  web presence, NAA Conference and Board Responsibilities. She is the first contact point for many of the inquiries the NAA receives both domestically and internationally. We are committed to being the most proactive organization regarding issues dealing with the aerosol industry and we are here to help and support you.

Please contact Mary in our office at (714)525-1518 or email with all of your aerosol industry concerns.

Raymond Regulatory Resources

Doug Raymond and the NAA were the first to respond to a threat from the National Weight & Measures (NWM) organization to attempt to change the declaration of weight.  NAA followed up with this issue in July and is in the process of developing a consensus to take back to NWM in January 2013.  In July, NAA took the leadership against South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) inclusion of CTS-04 (provision on LVP) in the Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP).  Since that time, the industry has formed a large coalition of aerosol companies and other associations to oppose the CTS-04 provision.  In addition, NAA has been active in working with CARB on new amendments to modify the Aerosol Coating and Aerosol Adhesive limits.  These   issues will follow us into 2013 and beyond.

Madden Quinonez Advocacy

On the Legislative side, our consultant, Nicole Quiñonez, represents our interests in front of the legislature and regulatory agencies. In particular, she helps us ensure the aerosol product form is not unnecessarily impacted by policy decisions made at the state level. Over the years, Nicole has worked on ensuring the CARB LVP exemption remained in place, consumer product regulations at CARB, Proposition 65 chemical listings, policies related to packaging and retail hazardous waste. She is also the co-chair of the Green Chemistry Alliance, and industry coalition intimately engaged in the Safer Consumer Products Program at the Department of Toxic Substances Control, which covers all consumer products, including aerosols.