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LVP-VOC are an essential component in Consumer Products. When Consumer Product regulations began in 1990, The California Air Resources Board (CARB) exempted these components from the VOC limits. Thus the Industry has an incentive to not only use these compounds but to build products using the maximum amount of LVP’s possible.

In June of 2012 the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) released their draft of an Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP). This draft plan has several proposals to regulate coatings and other products. The most disturbing is CTS-04 Emission Reductions from Removal of Consumer Products Lower Vapor Pressure Exemption. This proposal directs staff to remove the LVP exemption from Consumer Products in the SCAQMD. SCAQMD does not have authority to perform this action. This means that SCAQMD will need to get CARB to make this change to the LVP status. Remember CARB has sole authority of the regulation of consumer products in California. The LVP definition has been part of the Consumer Products regulation since the beginning. Any change to this definition will have a significant effect on our products. Most product category limits were based on the use of LVP compounds to comply with these limits.

Changing any part of the LVP definition or use will have the largest effect on our industry in decades. Everyone needs to be active on this issue.

Please share this information with your customers and vendors; anyone that you feel should be involved in this issue. This is a consumer products issue.  All are welcomed to participate in the growing number of LVP Coalition Members.

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