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Supply Chain News: Lean is Simple – So Why Is It So Hard?

The following column comes through special arrangement with the Lean Enterprise Institute. It was authored by Lean consultant Art Byrne, an operating partner with J.W. Childs Associates, a private equity firm..

Recently a colleague asked me why Lean, which appears to be so simple, ends up being so hard for people to do. In my decades of leading Lean, in fact, this has proven to be perhaps the most important challenge. Read more

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Trump admin orders EPA contract freeze and media blackout

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Trump administration has instituted a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding any new contracts or grants, part of a broader communications clampdown within the executive branch.

Emails sent to EPA staff since President Donald Trump's inauguration Friday and reviewed by The Associated Press detailed specific prohibitions banning press releases, blog updates or posts to the agency's social media accounts.

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Cloud Computing Should Transform, Not Just Replace

Is the goal of cloud computing to deliver transformative effects to the business, or is it okay to merely replace an existing system, application or process?  That's one of the questions taken up at the  recent Cloud Business Summit, held in New York and hosted by Saugatuck Technology, a division of ISG. In a compelling panel discussion, financial and IT leaders debated the impact of cloud computing on corporate financial systems and processes. The consensus is that finance is an area that is not...
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