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Australia’s Jobless Rate Should Worry Fed

A jobless rate in Australia that surpasses the U.S. level may not seem like a problem for Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi. But it may be a sign of the overconfidence that affects central bankers everywhere. Folks in "The Lucky Country" have long been blessed with top-notch monetary policy makers. There has been no recession on the watch of Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens or under his predecessor, Ian Macfarlane, who served from 1996 to...
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Obama could curb corporate “inversions” on his own:ex-US official

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama could act without congressional approval to limit a key incentive for U.S. corporations to move their tax domiciles abroad in so-called "inversion" deals, a former senior U.S. Treasury Department official said on Monday.

By invoking a 1969 tax law, Obama could bypass congressional gridlock and restrict foreign tax-domiciled U.S companies from using inter-company loans and interest deductions to cut their U.S. tax bills, said Stephen Shay, former deputy assistant Treasury secretary for international tax affairs in the Obama...

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Burger King’s 33 year old CEO is completely reshaping the company

Burger King's 33-year-old CEO has helped engineer a total restructuring of the burger chain in just 13 months on the job. After surrounding himself with an equally young management team — including a 28-year-old chief financial officer — Daniel Schwartz has helped turn the struggling burger chain into a "cash machine," Devin Leonard writes for Bloomberg Businessweek's newest cover story. "These days ... Burger King is behaving more like a startup than a typical burger chain," Leonard writes.   Read more...
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