Monthly Archives: February 2015

Companies spend $1 billion in latest California carbon auction

Companies spent more than $1 billion in California’s latest sale of carbon emissions credits, making it the largest auction since the controversial cap-and-trade program began in late 2012, state officials said Wednesday. The reason: State officials dramatically expanded the pool of credits for sale to accommodate a surge in demand. That became necessary because the cap-and-trade market has been broadened since Jan. 1 to cover the carbon coming from motor vehicle tailpipes. Cap and trade, a centerpiece of the state’s 2006 climate-change law, requires market participants to...
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A 29-year-old invented a painless way to save money, and Google’s buying into it

If you find it painful saving money, you're not alone. A recent survey says 72% of Americans were stressed about money last month.

In fact, according to the Federal Reserve, 60% of Americans between the ages of 18 to 40 saved absolutely nothing in 2013. Last year, adults under 35 had a savings rate of negative 2%.

So why is this happening? Is it that hard to go to a bank and open an automatic savings or...

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Green jobs: More delusion and dishonesty

In 2008, independent economists hired by the California Air Resources Board to review its plans to implement AB 32, the state’s landmark anti-global warming law, warned officials against presenting the measure as a broad boon to the state economy. Forcing California to use a higher percentage of cleaner but costlier fuels by 2020 was likely to hurt industries that competed with states and nations with lower energy costs, especially manufacturers. The most renowned of the economists, Harvard’s Robert Stavins, offered the sharpest critique and warned...
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