Monthly Archives: February 2016

Zika Virus: the world’s newest global health emergency

The virus has appeared in parts of Africa and Asia before. But Zika's entry into Latin America – and its suspected links to birth defects – has brought it newfound attention. By Whitney Eulich, Correspondent February 24, 2016 Mexico City — The World Health Organization this month declared the mosquito-borne virus Zika a global health emergency, saying it could possibly reach 4 million people by the end of 2016. The virus was first detected in Uganda more than fifty years ago, but the suspected links to birth...
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Former lawmaker Florez appointed to California Air Resources Board

Taking advantage of new authority to shape the California Air Resources Board, the Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday named lobbyist and former Democratic lawmaker Dean Florez to serve the powerful regulator. The appointment grew out of a debate over the limits of the ARB’s power and the Legislature’s oversight of the climate enforcer. Last year, legislative leaders and Gov. Jerry Brown abandoned a measure that would have halved California’s petroleum use, with the ARB managing the reduction. Republicans and business-friendly Democrats balked, prodded by an oil industry...
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The Supreme Court sided with science against Obama

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama invited “anybody [who] wants to dispute the science around climate change . . . to have at it.” The Supreme Court’s response? Thank you, Mr. President, for the offer. We will. On Feb. 9, the court upheld a delay of Obama’s war on fossil fuels, which is supposed to “stop climate change,” in the form of new restrictions on factories’ greenhouse-gas emissions. Apparently a majority of the court is less confident of the “science around climate change” than Obama is. As...
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