Monthly Archives: October 2016

Countries Reach Landmark Deal to Limit Global Warming

By reducing CFCs emitted from air conditioners. More than 170 countries agreed early Saturday morning to limit emissions of key climate change-causing pollutants found in air conditioners, a significant step in the international effort to keep global warming from reaching catastrophic levels. The deal reached in Kigali, Rwanda, comes after years of wrangling over HFCs—short for hydrofluorocarbons—and could on its own prevent a 0.5°C (0.9°F) rise in temperature by 2100. Scientists say such an achievement could be crucial to the goal laid out in last year’s Paris...
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World Leaders Try to Ban Another Greenhouse Gas

After being directed for almost 30 years at substances that destroy ozone, the Montreal Protocol will for the first time target a group of greenhouse gases. Beginning today in Kigali, Rwanda, member states of the United Nations are finalizing the terms of what could be the largest commitment to reducing global warming since the Paris Agreement on climate last December. Delegates are likely to take till the meeting’s final day on Oct. 14 to hammer out the knotty details of an amendment to the...
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European aerosol production stagnant in 2015

04 Oct 2016 − A total of 5.671bn aerosols were made in Europe last year, roughly the same amount as in 2014 (5.672bn units). Data from the European industry association FEA (Fédération Européenne des Aérosols) indicates that the market stagnated in 2015 after growing in both 2013 and 2014. Germany, Europe's second-largest market, registered a downturn in aerosol production to 1.330bn units last year. The UK still led the way in 2015 with total production of roughly 1.540bn aerosol cans, up from 1.510bn units one year earlier. Read...
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