Monthly Archives: November 2017

Cap-and-Trade Program Between California and Quebec Expands

California and Quebec have expanded their program to trade carbon credits between them in what proponents have said is a success given that the allowances have sold out and at prices above the floor that had been set. It raised $850 million with the money going to fund clean energy technologies in the two jurisdictions. “The Market Monitor found that the auction was cleared consistent with the auction clearing rules in the regulations and appropriate economic logic,” said a joint statement issued by both jurisdictions...
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Burke Re-elected to Eighth Term as SCAQMD Chairman

William A. Burke, Ed.D., has been re-elected to an unprecedented eighth term as chairman of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. He is the longest serving chair in the agency’s history. Following his reelection on Dec. 6, Burke announced the formation of two new advisory committees – one for the business community and the other for environmental groups – to solicit their concerns and share ideas.  Burke also announced that SCAQMD will enhance public access to the agency by periodically hosting Board meetings in communities...
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Why the Feds want to make it easier for them to get into your phone

The Justice Department wants to add a feature to your smartphone shopping list: “responsible encryption.”

In an Oct. 10 speech at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland., Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made a case to step back from what the tech industry generally sees as an advance in security: “warrant-proof” encryption on devices that even court-authorized investigators can’t unlock.

Instead, he urged tech firms to adopt...

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