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California will lose a House seat for the first time, and the scramble is on

OAKLAND — Slow-growing California is losing a House seat for the first time, setting off an unprecedented political reshuffle that will ripple through every level of government.

California’s elected officials and prospective challengers have spent months in a campaign holding pattern, waiting to see how U.S. Census Bureau data would reshape the state legislature and congressional seats. Read more

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U.S. Recycling: The Come Back is Better than Ever (Commentary)

Stagnant for 15 years and punched in the gut by China’s decision to stop importing any recycled materials from the US at the end of 2017, recycling rates have fallen for three years.

Across the U.S., programs were cancelled and recycled materials sent to landfills and incinerators. The national recycling rate fell from 35% to 32%. In California, the country’s leading recycling...Read more

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