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Unprecedented shifts in supply and demand

In the April buying period, prices for all grades of recovered paper surged in response to short supplies caused in part by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The average U.S. price of old corrugated containers (OCC) increased in the April buying period to $71 per ton, according to Fastmarkets RISI’s PPI Pulp & Paper Week April 6 edition. Recyclers and brokers say OCC prices rose quickly, considering the industry experienced near-record-low prices for the grade in most of 2019.

(Bloomberg) -- For once in California’s fight against climate change, lower greenhouse gas emissions aren’t cause for celebration. The recent drop in pollution as many factories sit idle is temporary, but it could hurt the state’s anti-global warming programs while it lasts.Many of those green initiatives are funded through a cap-and-trade system and the sale of permits to businesses that pump heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. Last year, California spent about $2 billion from the sales to continue building a high-speed rail system,...

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