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California recycling overhaul plan dies in Legislature

SACRAMENTO — A California state senator on Thursday ended his effort to pass a bill requiring beverage distributors to create a new system to take back their own containers, though advocates said they will keep pushing the issue this year.

Democratic Sen. Bob Wieckowski of Fremont admitted defeat after his Senate Bill 372 fell four votes short of the 21 it needed to clear the 40-member Senate before this week’s deadline. In a statement, he called it...

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How recycling has changed in all 50 states

Waste Dive began tracking the effects of China's scrap import policies across all 50 states (and the District of Columbia) during fall 2017 for America Recycles Day. We contacted each state environmental agency and found the problems were only just beginning. Read more

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Brexit: What happens at midnight on Friday January 31? Not a lot.

What happens on on Friday (January 31) when Britain officially leaves the European Union? Except for some parties organised by Brexit supporters, most people in the UK and Europe will see no difference at all.

But for political leaders and negotiators, February 1 starts the countdown clock on the tangible changes that Brexit will bring: new arrangements for Britain’s trade, customs, travel and regulation with the EU and the rest of the world. Read more