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Two meetings were held by CARB in Sacramento on February 13.

The Industry Science meeting and a meeting with James Goldstene, Executive Director of CARB.

The first meeting was held from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. with CARB staff and focused on future work to be done by CARB and the Industry on the LVP-VOC research.  Attending from CARB was their R & D and their  Planning and Technical personnel.  Which included Carla Takemoto, PTSD, Judy Yee, PTSD, Jose Gomez, PTSD, Eileen McCauley RD, Mike Fitzgibbon, RD, Irina Malkina, PTSD, and Minh Pham, PTSD.  The following people from the industry attended.  Doug Fratz, CSPA, Steven Bennett, CSPA, Robert Hamilton, Amway, Paul Clark, S.C. Johnson, Bill Frauenheim, Diversified CPC, David Darling, ACA, Jim Mattesich, PCPC, Doug Raymond, 3R, Kristin Power, CSPA, and Dennis Shireman, WM Barr.

Presented by CARB was their Research Process for 2013-2014.  CARB plans to have the Board approve their research proposals by June of 2013 and then execute the contracts in July 2013.  Contracts could take up to thirty-six months to complete.

Currently CARB R & D stated costs for studies are higher than expected.

Next, Industry presented our approach to this issue, providing possible areas that need tested.  There was a fairly good exchange of ideas.  CARB stated that the meeting was helpful and that we should work together on this issue.  We need to actively work together.  One issue we need to monitor is the Research Screening Committee (RSC).  It appears as the RSC is where all the proposals get funneled through and also where industry can comment on these proposals.  The meeting was a good start to building a working relationship on this issue.

Second Meeting was with James Goldstene, Executive Director of CARB.  Attending from CARB was James Goldstene, Executive Director, Lynn Terry, Deputy Executive Director, Kurt Karperos, Assistant Deputy Chief Planning Division and Carla Takemoto, Chief Area Source & Emissions.  Attending from the Industry was Mike Cooley, WM Barr, Dave Darling, ACA, Laurie Nelson, Randlett Nelson, Nicole Quinonez, Randlett Nelson, Kristen Power, CSPA, Doug Raymond, NAA, and Jane Wishneff, International Fragrance Association.

This was a smaller meeting and the intent of the meeting was to discuss the fact that CARB staff is proposing to modify the LVP-VOC definition on Multi-purpose solvents and Paint Thinners BEFORE any studies are done on the LVP-VOC issue.  We discussed our position with Goldstene and Terry.  We explained our opposition and the Industries opposition to changing or modifying the LVP-VOC definition on any product category before the issue can be further studied.  Goldstene asked some questions.  Lynn Terry continually stated that we must work through the process.  Terry also stated that anything that would be done would be based on Science.  Good News is that they did not say they were doing anything for sure.  Bad news is that they did not say the issue would be dropped.  More work needs to be done.


Next steps, we need to meet with Goldstene again after staff releases their proposal, which should be before the 26th meeting at CARB.


Will keep you updated.

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