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CA continues to lag US in MFG growth, LA county even worse

Manufacturing’s vital contributions to the California economy are far out of proportion to its shrinking share of employment. California’s manufacturing sector boasts $87k average wages (2017), more than $288 billion in output (2017), a higher share of workers without a college degree than economy overall, and tremendous economic ripple effects from long supply chains and economic activity. California is still the largest manufacturing state in the country with more than 1.3 million workers but given the state’s size, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Read more...
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PART 1: EPA rams through its reckless review scheme for new chemicals under TSCA, your health be damned

Overruling the recommendations of its own longtime professional staff, political appointees at EPA have begun green-lighting new chemicals to enter commerce using an approach that shows contempt for the letter and intent of the 2016 reforms to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). EDF blogged recently about the new approach and how it drastically deviates from what the law requires. Read more...
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