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Since the beginning of 2013 NAA has been busy attending meetings all across the country.  The following is a short synopsis of the activities that NAA has participated in:

1/25/2013 – NAA participated and provided comments in the CARB Board Hearing at the South Coast Air Quality Management (SCAQMD) Headquarters in Diamond Bar, California.  The Board Hearing was to adopt the SCAQMD SIP without restrictions on LVP-VOC.  NAA was successful in opposing the LVP-VOC inclusion in the SIP.

1/28/2013 – NAA was the sole association presenting to the National Weights & Measures Conference in Charleston, South Carolina.  NAA commented on the issue of BOV declaration of weight versus volume issue.

Weights & Measure just published their notes.  BOV products will need to label their products by weights in the future.

2/7/2013 NAA participated in the Environment Canada EC stake holders meeting on the Consumer Product VOC regulation.  This was an all day event in Toronto, Canada.  EC is proposing a Consumer Products VOC regulation similar to the current Ozone Transport Commission Model Regulation.  This regulation will need some work.  Many definitions missing.

2/13/2013 – CARB held a meeting to discuss the LVP issue and future scientific work to be done by CARB Research division.  NAA was an active participant in this meeting in Sacramento, California.

2/26/2013 – CARB holds workshop on new rule develop, end in Sacramento, California.  This rule making effects Aerosol Adhesives, Aerosol Coatings and LVP’s.  NAA was an active participant in this workshop.

3/19/2013 – NAA participated in aerosol stakeholders meeting hosted by the EPA in Washington, DC.  The EPA was soliciting information on new SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy) compounds.  The EPA was looking for updates on the use of HCFC’s and HFC.  As well as trying to determine if new propellant are being developed such as the HFO.  Meeting was fairly uneventful.  EPA will likely follow-up at the end of the year.

3/26/2013 – NAA testified at the CARB Board Hearing in Sacramento, California.  CARB Board was considering research plans to study LVP’s.  NAA testified in favor of CARB performing studies on LVP’s.

3/28/2013 – NAA comments to Utah on their development of a Consumer Products VOC regulation.  The Utah rule is very similar to the model rule in the OTC.

4/24/2013 – NAA participates in CARB workshop.  CARB drops definition changes on LVP’s.  Aerosol Coating MIR limits are raised.  These proposals by CARB make the rule more feasible.  However, limits on Aerosol Adhesives still very challenging.  NAA will be submitting comments.

NAA has been extremely busy over the last few months.  Moving forward there will be numerous meetings to attend.

  • May – Likely meeting with CARB on LVP-VOC
  • June (13) – OTC Meeting in Connecticut
  • July (14-18) – National Weights & Measures Conference in Kentucky
  • July (26) – CARB Board Hearing on new rule development, Sacramento, California

This was just a short update.  If you need more information on any of these meetings please feel free to contact me.

On behalf of the NAA

Doug Raymond




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