Public Health Impact Report.


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SB 747 (DeSaulnier D)  Public Health Impact Report.
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Introduced: 2/22/2013
Last Amend: 4/23/2013
Status: 4/23/2013-From committee with author’s amendments. Read second time and amended. Re-referred to Com. on HEALTH.
Is Fiscal: Y
Is Urgency: N
Location: 4/23/2013-S. HEALTH
Calendar: 5/1/2013  1:30 p.m. – John L. Burton Hearing Room (4203)  SENATE HEALTH, HERNANDEZ, Chair
Summary: Existing law requires the State Department of Public Health to regulate various consumer products, including food and drugs, for the protection of the people of the state. This bill, known as the Public Health Epidemic Prevention Act of 2013, would require the department to require the manufacturer or a group of manufacturers of a contributing product, as defined, to create, for approval of the department, a public health impact report (PHIR) containing specified information, including a list of adverse public health impacts and a mitigation plan for those impacts. The bill would require the manufacturer to mitigate the fiscal impacts on the state public health system over a reasonable period of time. The bill would authorize the department to enforce the PHIR and would authorize the department to restrict sales of the product in the state if the PHIR is insufficient or if the manufacturer is not complying with the terms of the PHIR. The bill would authorize the department to charge the manufacturer of the product for the reasonable costs of reviewing, approving, and enforcing the PHIR requirements.



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